Audio Camp is all about sharing our love of really great music that hides in the vast realms of Bandcamp.

Why Bandcamp, you may ask?

Because it’s our favorite place on the internet. It encourages full albums (and so do we!), it allows us to download in any format we desire, and it’s the easiest way we know to directly support the musicians we love.

The only downside to Bandcamp is that it has vast, unexplored realms of amazingly good music. We don’t want that music to get lost, so we explore those realms and bring the best treasures to Audio Camp.

Who are we?

We are a small group of music bloggers from Israel. You can filter our posts by writer:

Morphlexis / Kid Z / Aconomika / Guyha / Solance /  /

Send us your music

Are you an artist or a PR agent? want to suggest an album or a band?
Send us your Bandcamp links (don’t email us mp3 files, please!): promo@audio-camp.com

All physical merch send to:
Audio Camp
Mitzpe Adi 30
P.M. Hamovil


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