Drakkar Band – Drakkar 74

It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings!

“The Holy Grail Of Cambodian Pre-Khmer Rouge Rock Psych Music:
Recorded in Phnom Penh in 1973 live to 4 track and released only on cassette.
Now for the first time ever this album will be available on vinyl (+ bonus free downloads of tracks recorded at the same time) and it’s available digitally too
Because the masters had to be hidden away for nigh on 40 years we gave them to mid century remasterers par excellence .. The Carvery (London) who gave the tracks emergency heart surgery and have revealed a band that sound part classic Cambodian pop, part Led Zeppelin part Incredible String Band lost in the SE Asian Jungle. This is a one off. Don’t miss it”

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