Fela Kuti – Gentleman

It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings!

Well, well, well – the rights holders of Fela Kuti’s music uploaded all his discography straight to Bandcamp! [48 albums!!] Fela Kuti is regarded as Africa’s musical genius – combining traditional African music with funk, jazz, groove & even R&B, creating what we now call AfroBeat. i chose to feature the album “Gentleman” [1973] because of that 14:41 minutes long of shear musical genius of the main theme song – wonderful groove & brass work.
here’s some info about the album from the Bandcamp page:

“The title track of this excellent album has often been hailed as Fela’s masterpiece. Musically innovative, melodically addictive, Fela got it all right in this politically scathing song in which he opposes Westernization and those who imitate Western ways. “I no be gentleman at all,” Fela sings, and then goes on to detail the ways in which he’s a “true African original”, and therefore superior to those who wear three-piece suits and hold tight to their colonial mentality.
Fela follows this track with Fefe Na Efe, which derives its name from an Ashanti proverb describing the beauty of a woman holding her breasts as she runs. Fela, who had many Ghanaian fans (and more than a few Ghanaian wives and girlfriends), sings this lush track as a tribute to Ghana, a country he loved.”

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