Mass Love – Archetype

I wrote about Mass Love’s first album last year, and nothing has changed – and I mean that in the best way possible. I just LOVE their new album and was thrilled to see it on Bandcamp. Here is what I wrote about them back then. It all still applies. Thank you, Mass Love, for making this listener very happy.

“Here’s a proof to how wonderful the internet can be. Singer Lauren Moore from Indianapolis and producer David Beukes from Limpopo, South Africa, found each other on Reddit and began collaborating without even meeting face to face to this day. What came out of it is this great, sparkly, larger-than-life synthpop album. You can also hear hints of hip-hop and dubstep in it. Even though the description says it was “recorded and mixed in bedrooms across the planet”, this album sounds like it was mixed in some top-notch studio. I’d even dare to say it feels like Lauren and David can fill a stadium with such a voice, electronics and production. Very, very well done indeed.”

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