Near Eastern Music in NYC From the Metropolitan​​-​​Kaliphon​​-​​Balkan Labels, 1940s​​-​​50s, Vol. 2: Armenian Singers

It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings!

Canary Records are on fire lately with their exciting reissues of past gems – for instance, here’s a lovely reissue of Balkan music released in NYC between 1940s​​-​​50s. here’s some more info from the Bandcamp page:
“The second of three volumes centering on the independent Kaliphon-Metropolitan-Balkan circle of labels, which grew out of the Me-Re label and released music in Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Ladino, and Turkish in New York City in the 1940s-50s.
Ed Bogosian and Kanuni Garbis Barkirgian both recorded for small, independent, Armenian-owned labels in the 1920s before recording between the mid-40s and early early-50s for the Kaliphon/Metrolitan/Balkan circle of labels.
Several tracks of Garbis’ tracks on this release overlap with the beautifully researched and restored Armenians on 8th Avenue CD, released in 1996 on Richard Hagopian’s Traditional Crossroads label. To the best of my knowledge, these are the first reissues of any of Bogosian’s recordings. Biographical details and further performances by Madlen Araradian and “Sugar Mary” Vartanian may be found on both the Armenians on 8th Ave disc and on the Canary Records release Canaries & Nightingales, Vol. 1: “Oriental” Women in New York and Istanbul.
The oudist on all performances is assumed to be Marko Melkon. Nick Doneff is likely the violinist on at least the majority of the tracks.
For this release, transliterations are presented as they were given on the original disc labels.”


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