Oskar Schuster – Sneeuwland

I am closing my eyes while playing this album and I can clearly see myself walking through the Berlinian parkways, the trees are screening the sun and just a couple of lucky golden rays manage to touch my face. My legs are drumming on the pavement and they are in Sync with my inner self that is consumed by this beauty.
I also love the way his description is depicted on his Bandcamp page: “Oskar Schuster is a German composer and artist, living in Berlin. His songs without words evoke a fairytale-world, strange and surreal. A world full of blurry images of the past; of childhood memories and characters from children’s books; of clicking and ticking clocks and ever-looping music boxes, of far-away-lands, far-away-seas, far-away-skies, far-away-everythings”.

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