HEKLA s/t by HEKLA Helka is a Swedish Australian band from Germany. They create a dark a little bit doomed rock music with a sweet female vocal. If you’re looking for something interesting this is the one.

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a strAnger – Insatiable

Insatiable by a strAnger Dirt alternative rock from sweden. This is how we like our Rocking music.

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Matthew O’Neill – Trophic Cascade

Trophic Cascade by Matthew O'Neill This is a soft country album, if there is such a thing soft country. If you’re looking for something bluesy, country but very different – this is it.

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Baby Guru – IV

IV by Baby Guru The Awesome Baby Guru have a new album that rocks. This is a must listen & buy.

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Large Pets – Demos

Demos by Large Pets These demos are absolutely beautiful! I do hope these guys will create a dull length album in the future.

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Pat Bilodeau -Fine in my Mind

Fine in my Mind by Pat Bilodeau It always amazes me that there are guys who can create everything that is needed to create a great song or an EP. Pat Bilodeau is one of those guys.

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ODE – Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol by ODE (donations are welcome) These guys are very interesting – they mix Americana with sounds from the Balkan. Didn’t expect this, but they are really good.

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Illicit Ghost – Battle Cry (demo)

Battle Cry (demo) by Illicit Ghost this is a beautiful demo – it’s a bit dark and the singer’s voice is complex and unique.

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Sofia – Euphoria

Euphoria by Sofia Sarri This is between electronic and oriental – She seems broken and wonderful.

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Val Cale – Black Stuff

Black Stuff by Val Cale Dark Bluesy rocky type of album. Really enjoyed that one.

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Ben Sumner – Music Is Religion

Music Is Religion by Ben Sumner Sweet, a lot of pop but mostly different. Some of these guys’ songs just broke my heart with their beauty.

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Trees Hate Everything – Tasteless Nudes

Tasteless Nudes by Trees Hate Everything This is a fantastic way to start 2017. psychedelic pop with some worldly inspirations.

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