Various Artists – Audiocamp’s Best of 2016

Audio Camp's The Best Of 2016 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2016″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! While we had a few big loses this year, we also had a great year in new music. This is a compilation of the best sounds we recommended this year. This

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Cosmo Doris – Boi Womyn Man Gyrl

Boi Womyn Man Gyrl by Cosmo Doris Some electronic chaos to get you through the weekend.

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Old Smile – H from Two Sixteen

H from Two Sixteen by Old Smile This is a very classic psychedelic rock album that has a lot of CCR and later years Beatles influences in it.

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What A Wreck – Outcast Sanctuary

Outcast Sanctuary by What A Wreck This is so high school for me and I shouldn’t be liking this, but I do. So let’s keep it our little dirty secret, shall we?

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Menage a Trois/alansmithee – Menage a Trois/alansmithee

Menage a Trois/alansmithee by Menage a Trois/alansmithee A split album which first part is funky instrumental and the second part has a vibe that is darker.

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Jesse Gilmore – Burn the House Down

Burn the House Down by Jesse Gilmore If you’re looking for something a little bit dark, this is it.

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Benjamin Esterlis – The Blue Bay Instrumentals

The Blue Bay Instrumentals by Benjamin Esterlis Shana Tova Everyone! As it is the Jewish New Year’s day (Rosh Hashana) we decided that the best way to celebrate the holiday is by recommending some great Israeli music! This great instrumentals album comes from one of our own. If you haven’t heard the album itself do

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The Aprons – Any Human Heart

Any Human Heart – Full Album by The Aprons The Israeli dream pop duo The Aprons are back with a new album [Any Human Heart], & oh boy – it’s a doozy! [i mean it in the best way i can, right?] just in time for the new Jewish year, what a wonderful way to

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Benjamin’s Brother – Like The First Time

Like The First Time by Benjamin's Brother Shana Tova everyone! As it is the Jewish New Year’s day (Rosh Hashana) we decided that the best way to celebrate the holiday is by recommending some great Israeli music. So the first one is a folk alt-country and very sweet album by Benjamin’s Brother.

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Lost Sound Tapes – Three

Three by Diners First of all, let me congratulate all y’all with a Shana Tova greeting (Happy Jewish New Year)! Now, you’re in for a real treat! if you like Ariel Pink, Real Estate and the likes, you will really dig this compilation. A great set of music to put around family and friends! I

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G L A S G O W – Phantom

Phantom by G L A S G O W A little bit of brit pop but 2016 style.

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rooms – rooms

rooms by rooms You would have think that there is really a little you can do with psychedelic 60’s rock. Well, room show you that this isn’t true. their lead has a voice that reminds me of some lead British vocalists, their music is unique and their style is awesome. rooms are shaping to be

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