Matthew O’Neill – Trophic Cascade

Trophic Cascade by Matthew O'Neill This is a soft country album, if there is such a thing soft country. If you’re looking for something bluesy, country but very different – this is it.

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Jeremy Cowgill – Whiskey and Words

Whiskey and Words by Jeremy Cowgill Bluesy Folky Country that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

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ODE – Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol by ODE (donations are welcome) These guys are very interesting – they mix Americana with sounds from the Balkan. Didn’t expect this, but they are really good.

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Lewi Longmire – If I Live to be 100

If I Live to be 100 by Lewi Longmire Classic Americana and a lot of country. This is so great.

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Jeremiah Rhodes – Jeremiah Rhodes

Jeremiah Rhodes by Jeremiah Rhodes Very unique and different country folk. The cover of this album makes you think you are going to get Toby Keith kind of country, but this one is a more Marc Broussard and it is great.

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Alright Alright – Faraway EP

Faraway EP by Alright Alright Alright Alright’s music is really theatrical but the singer’s sweet voice is what really make their music special.

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The Prescriptions – Either Side

Either Side by The Prescriptions I can’t believe I only discovered this album now! It’s everything I love about country and more – it’s got the new and the old, it’s fun and romantic and exciting all at once. Go! Listen! Now!

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Kontiki Suite – The Greatest Show On Earth

The Greatest Show On Earth by Kontiki Suite When first I heard “My Own Little World”, the 2nd track from the album “The Greatest Show On Earth”, I remember thinking about the vast plains of the United States – pure Americana. It was a shock to realize that this beautiful americana was created in England…

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Brian Berg / 44 Long – Collect Them All

Collect Them All by Brian Berg / 44 Long Brian Berg, a singer songwriter, died las October, so his friends has decided to rerelease some his music on Bandcamp. If you haven’t heard of him till now, this will be a good place to start.

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Ana Ćurčin – Sketches Of Belonging

Sketches Of Belonging by Ana Ćurčin If you’d told me that this album came straight from Nashville I would have believed you. But Ana Ćurčin comes from Serbia and her sweet voice is what you should listen to right now.

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Ben Foerg – The Circles We Make

The Circles We Make by Ben Foerg I was hooked from the first second with this one – the voice of Ben Foerg is similar to the voice of Father John Misty and the music is a bit Americana and a lot of fun.

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Cazadero – Domestic Refugee

Domestic Refugee by Cazadero I love the way these lazy americana country songs roll in this new album by Cazadero, a California based band [free download payasmuchasyoulike method]

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