ODE – Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol by ODE (donations are welcome) These guys are very interesting – they mix Americana with sounds from the Balkan. Didn’t expect this, but they are really good.

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Near Eastern Music in NYC From the Metropolitan​​-​​Kaliphon​​-​​Balkan Labels, 1940s​​-​​50s, Vol. 2: Armenian Singers

Near Eastern Music in NYC From the Metropolitan​-​Kaliphon​-​Balkan Labels, 1940s​-​50s, Vol. 2: Armenian Singers by Canary Records It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! Canary Records are on fire lately with their exciting reissues of past gems – for instance, here’s a lovely reissue of Balkan music released in NYC between 1940s​​-​​50s. here’s some more

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Electric Desert – Electric Desert

Electric Desert by Electric Desert This is what Tinariwen would sound like if they grew up in the middle east instead of the Sahara desert. Same sun, different sand. Same vibes, different guitars. Electric Desert are exactly what their title suggests: an electric version of desert music. Flutes, softly-fuzzed guitars, arab rock rhythms, and lots

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