Matty Pop Chart – Good Old Water

Good Old Water by Matty Pop Chart From the staunchly DIY punk label Plan-It-X, Matty Pop Chart, the solo project of a guy named Matt Tobey, hits you hard with coy acoustic pop! While this disc’s foundation is acoustic guitar and vocals, he presents an array of feels within this poppy folk realm, and a

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emily hope jacobsen – Passenger EP

Passenger EP by emily hope jacobsen Delicate little folk EP that will keep you warm as is gets colder outside. Emily Hope Jacobsen’s voice is like a caress to the ears, really.

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Flower Face – Homesick

homesick by flower face What a sweet sweet little bedroom folk album. Flower Face weaves beautiful intimate songs that makes you wish it was winter again.

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The Backstabbers – Shame

Shame by The Backstabbers There’s something really fragile in this little folk album by The Backstabbers, i can’t really point my finger on it but it gripped my heart.

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Kinderwood – Regal Tender

Regal Tender by Kinderwood A very very pretty lo-fi-folk album. Beautiful vocals, harmonies and many instruments come together and create this lovely, slightly melcancholic, melodic and enchanting piece of music.

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Frankie Cosmos – Affirms Glinting

affirms glinting by frankie cosmos 15 little songs by Frankie Cosmos: small intimate songs in a bright lo-fi dress.

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Separator – Widow With A Missionary Grin

Widow With A Missionary Grin by Separator This album is the product of a long distance musical collaboration between Alex Hill and Jordan Hansen [A.K.A Separator] – a moody little album full of spacey folk songs. check it out!

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Figures of Dawn – Figures of Dawn

Figures of Dawn by Figures of Dawn This album is a collaborative project between Alec Grefe [Wisconsin] & Jacob Braun [Oregon], it features small folk songs full of beauty, i really love that “bedroom folk” feel to it – hope you’ll enjoy this album as much as i did.

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Nate Henricks – SLEETMUTE (C-Sides from Neon for No One)

SLEETMUTE (C-Sides from Neon for No One) by Nate Henricks This is a great and fascinating lo fi album, it reminds me of loved psychedeic pop and folk songs from decades ago.

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Todayshits – The Boy Can’t Help It

A rough edged lo-fi bedroom folk songs by Todayshits – chew on that! [free-pay-as-much-as-you-like method!]

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Sean Travis Ramsay – No Services

Sean Travis Ramsay is a Canadian singer-songwriter, in his minimalistic way he paints with his words his personal life & experiences. beautiful album & a must-have for singer-songwriter lovers.

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Ambsace – BOREAL

Love the sweet-gloomy feel of this modest album, a perfect companion to lonely winter nights. grab it [pay-as-much-as-you-like method].

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