Matty Pop Chart – Good Old Water

Good Old Water by Matty Pop Chart From the staunchly DIY punk label Plan-It-X, Matty Pop Chart, the solo project of a guy named Matt Tobey, hits you hard with coy acoustic pop! While this disc’s foundation is acoustic guitar and vocals, he presents an array of feels within this poppy folk realm, and a

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Anois – Tree House Whispers

Tree House Whispers by Anois In the north of Germany two young kids try to build their own interpretation of these feelings. Far from the world, settled right on the top floor, with two dormer windows where the rain drips on when it’s unpleasant outside, the two kids record their fragile folk-electronica songs with simple

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Ori – Unwind

Unwind by Ori Hearing this album is making me feel like I am swimming in a pleasant ocean yet struggle to keep my breath. The melodies are appealing and Ori’s voice is soothing yet diving into the words and breaching through the background sounds is dragging you down and the brain can’t stop its endless

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Miss Mobile Home – Phototaxis EP

Phototaxis EP by Miss Mobile Home Sweet and fun bedroom dream pop that is spiced up with a little shoegaze

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bretvovk – Can You See Behind The Moon

i ‘ Can You See Behind The Moon by bretvovk: This magical & exciting album by Bret Vovk was recorded in his bedroom on a cassette machine. Reminds me a bit of early Pink Floyd and Sufjan Stevens, which is blessed.

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Sandcastles – Tantrums

tantrums by sandcastle It Is a bit strange but also wonderful – dive in!

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VVVSSY by WUSSYCAT Somewhere between a dream and reality.

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Terror Birds – Secret Rituals

Secret Rituals by Terror Bird Terror Bird aka Nikki Fever is a one woman’s project that sends you back to the 80’s – the great part of them anyway.

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