HEKLA s/t by HEKLA Helka is a Swedish Australian band from Germany. They create a dark a little bit doomed rock music with a sweet female vocal. If you’re looking for something interesting this is the one.

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AL ZMAN SAIB by Fadoul After you’ll listen to this rendition of James Brown’s “I Feel Good” in Arabic, you will never understand how you went your entire life without hearing it before! A Moroccan living in Berlin and plays great Arabic Funk – it sounds like a joke, but it is actually pretty breathtaking

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Various Artists – Anti​-​Mimesis

Anti-Mimesis by Various Artists Experimental electronic compilation by the Berliner label Das Andere Selbst – not all the tracks are even to my taste but they are challenging & you can find some beautiful & imaginative tracks here. check it out!

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HANS REICHEL – Shanghaied on Tor Road

Shanghaied on Tor Road by HANS REICHEL It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! Today we feature an album from the early nineties by Hans Reichel, “a German improvisational guitarist, experimental luthier, inventor, and type designer” [WIKI] – this whole album was recorded using Daxophone, a musical instrument that was invented by Hans Reichel. a

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Ori – Unwind

Unwind by Ori Hearing this album is making me feel like I am swimming in a pleasant ocean yet struggle to keep my breath. The melodies are appealing and Ori’s voice is soothing yet diving into the words and breaching through the background sounds is dragging you down and the brain can’t stop its endless

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Oskar Schuster – Sneeuwland

Sneeuwland by Oskar Schuster I am closing my eyes while playing this album and I can clearly see myself walking through the Berlinian parkways, the trees are screening the sun and just a couple of lucky golden rays manage to touch my face. My legs are drumming on the pavement and they are in Sync

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Populous – Night Safari

Populous – Night Safari by Bad Panda Records My brother really love clap! clap! and D.J. Khalab, both of them are in this album. Combinig the new-world music with the new beats scene, this album, is refreshing one.

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My Panda Shall Fly & Mau'lin

My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – Push

Push by My Panda Shall Fly & Mau'lin Funny how this down tempo techno tracks sounds so warming and welcoming but its surly works for me. This album keep interesting and its really abstract free-form compositions as the bandcamp page say.

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hunger – (blau)

(blau) by hunger I love Hunger, well i don’t mean i love being HUNGRY – i meant this Berliner duo who creates weird songs based only on keyboard, drums & whole lot of imagination.

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IAMNOBODI – meanwhile.

meanwhile. by IAMNOBODI Sometimes i find out about artists that i am like that they have bandcamp page after such a long time, IAMNOBODY its a good example for that. So if someone missed this guy till now, listen to him now, its never late..

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Pablo – Roxy EP

Roxy EP by pablo Super skinny techno, it can pass by your ears like nothing happen or it can rock your soul with it tenderness

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Cancelled – Festino

Festino by Cancelled Experimental electro-acoustic album by the Berliner duo Cancelled [Annely Steiner and Mischa Good] – very interesting emotional soundscapes.

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