Matthew O’Neill – Trophic Cascade

Trophic Cascade by Matthew O'Neill This is a soft country album, if there is such a thing soft country. If you’re looking for something bluesy, country but very different – this is it.

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Jeremy Cowgill – Whiskey and Words

Whiskey and Words by Jeremy Cowgill Bluesy Folky Country that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

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Val Cale – Black Stuff

Black Stuff by Val Cale Dark Bluesy rocky type of album. Really enjoyed that one.

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The Trip – The Trip EP

The Trip EP by The Trip Sometimes very Rock N Roll, Sometimes a lot of Blues, but mostly something that I like listening to during my work day.

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The ABC’s – The ABC’s

The ABC's by The ABC's This one is surprisingly good! These guys make really interesting psychedelic soul music which I absolutely fell in love with.

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Aidan Connell – British Blues club

British Blues club by Aidan Connell Some Late Night Blues

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Jack Broadbent – Portrait

Portrait by Jack Broadbent Even though the sound is deep down south US blues, this guy is actually from the UK. I’m so glad to hear more from him.

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Trevor Menear – Some Kind Of Sunshine

Some Kind Of Sunshine by Trevor Menear That voice haunt my dreams. From the first second you know you’re entering something special, with that bluesy, heartwarming guitar – and then his voice… This album has everything a good blues album needs – great guitar work, great voice, great song and lots and lots of emotion.

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Jack Broadbent – Along the Trail of Tears

Along the Trail of Tears by Jack Broadbent If you would have told me that Jack Broadbent is from a southern state I would have believed you. Surprisingly this rock blues comes from the UK. Broadbent himself sounds like Father John Misty from time to time and it’s wonderful.

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Pat Kane – greatest hits

greatest hits by Pat Kane Pat Kane has released a “greatest hits” from two EP’s he previously released and they are indeed great and wonderfull.

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Washington Phillips – Washington Phillips

Washington Phillips by Washington Phillips It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! Today we feature a nice reissue by the British label “Death Is Not The End” of songs by the gospel & blues singer Washington Phillips, recorded originally in the early 20st century – here’s some info taken from the viki page: “Washington Phillips

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The Macumba Brothers – The Macumba Brothers

The Macumba Brothers by The Macumba Brothers This is *not* your usual clean Chicago blues 7″, oh no, these two songs here raised up from the Spanish swaps of Alicante & was forged in the voodoo steam of The Macumba Brothers!

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