Matthew O’Neill – Trophic Cascade

Trophic Cascade by Matthew O'Neill This is a soft country album, if there is such a thing soft country. If you’re looking for something bluesy, country but very different – this is it.

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Jeremy Cowgill – Whiskey and Words

Whiskey and Words by Jeremy Cowgill Bluesy Folky Country that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

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Benjamin’s Brother – Like The First Time

Like The First Time by Benjamin's Brother Shana Tova everyone! As it is the Jewish New Year’s day (Rosh Hashana) we decided that the best way to celebrate the holiday is by recommending some great Israeli music. So the first one is a folk alt-country and very sweet album by Benjamin’s Brother.

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The Prescriptions – Either Side

Either Side by The Prescriptions I can’t believe I only discovered this album now! It’s everything I love about country and more – it’s got the new and the old, it’s fun and romantic and exciting all at once. Go! Listen! Now!

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Ilika Ward – Many Faces

Many Faces by Ilika Ward These guys’ music is simple but complex, but mostly it’s just fun

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Brian Berg / 44 Long – Collect Them All

Collect Them All by Brian Berg / 44 Long Brian Berg, a singer songwriter, died las October, so his friends has decided to rerelease some his music on Bandcamp. If you haven’t heard of him till now, this will be a good place to start.

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Peter Sando – Let There Be Love

Let There Be Love by Peter Sando This one is a real gem. Peter Sando of Gandalf 3rd solo album is a classic psychedelic album and is such a treat.

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Ben Foerg – The Circles We Make

The Circles We Make by Ben Foerg I was hooked from the first second with this one – the voice of Ben Foerg is similar to the voice of Father John Misty and the music is a bit Americana and a lot of fun.

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The Don Darlings – The Don Darlings

The Don Darlings by The Don Darlings Even though these guys are from Sweden, their music is pretty much country – alt. the singer sounds like later years Johnny Cash and it’s wonderful.

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Neil Holyoak – Rags Across the Sun

Rags Across the Sun by Neil Holyoak Beautiful mellow folk which reminds me a bit of John Denver. The album even features 2 songs with the wonderful Sea Oleena. Just turn this music on, close your eyes and let the rest of the world fade away.

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Yehuda Ledgley – Moving On

Moving On by Yehuda Ledgley Although this album was recorded in 2007 it has a timeless quality to it, and for me, that is one of the main components of truly great music.

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Daniel Norgren – BUCK

BUCK by Daniel Norgren Although this album was recorded in Sweden, “Made in Nashville” is written all over it – warm blues & country, lazy vocals & mid tempo beats. it’s my favorite soundtrack for cooling down these summer nights. Thanks JIJIMIJI for recommending this album!

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