Cesar Maria – Hold Me Darling, I Know Your Pity Well

Hold Me Darling, I Know Your Pity Well by Cesar Maria This guy is awesome for giving is music at “name your price” cause it is worth spending money on. Some country, some folk, some psychedelic influence and mostly great music.

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Lewi Longmire – If I Live to be 100

If I Live to be 100 by Lewi Longmire Classic Americana and a lot of country. This is so great.

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Jeremiah Rhodes – Jeremiah Rhodes

Jeremiah Rhodes by Jeremiah Rhodes Very unique and different country folk. The cover of this album makes you think you are going to get Toby Keith kind of country, but this one is a more Marc Broussard and it is great.

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Dowan – Hail Hail Society EP – USA Special Release

Hail Hail Society EP – USA Special Release by Dowan You’d probably be surprised to learn that although Dowan had a John Denver kind of quality but with a deeper voice, he is actually from Holland.

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Last of the Easy Riders – (Self-Titled) EP

(Self-Titled) EP by Last of the Easy Riders Last of The Easy Riders are creating psychedelic 60’s rock with a modern twist. At times they sound like CCR and sometimes they have a very nice Pete and the Pirates sound.

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Joseph Hein – AM Gold

AM Gold by Joseph Hein This album has a lot of 50’s influences in it which makes it magical.

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Mistress Mary – Mistress Mary Housewife

Mistress Mary Housewife by Mistress Mary This one is a great gem from the 60’s.

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The Prescriptions – Either Side

Either Side by The Prescriptions I can’t believe I only discovered this album now! It’s everything I love about country and more – it’s got the new and the old, it’s fun and romantic and exciting all at once. Go! Listen! Now!

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LuxDeluxe – Let’s Do Lunch

Let's Do Lunch by LuxDeluxe Pop, country and some other stuff makes this album a great album to dance to around the house. Clothes are optional.

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Timothy Luke Dawson – Old Lovers

Old Lovers by Timothy Luke Dawson This guy sounds like old time country – and I mean it in the best way possible

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Handsome Hound – I Guess We’re Doing Alright

I Guess We're Doing Alright by Handsome Hound These guys reminds me a little bit of Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros – in the most fun and happy way there can be. Oh and check out their cool cover of Jackson.

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Ana Ćurčin – Sketches Of Belonging

Sketches Of Belonging by Ana Ćurčin If you’d told me that this album came straight from Nashville I would have believed you. But Ana Ćurčin comes from Serbia and her sweet voice is what you should listen to right now.

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