Oliver Bernstein – Franko Connection

Oliver Bernstein – Franko Connection by Oliver Bernstein If you think you are smart enough, take a listen to this album

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Ibu Selva – Ngo-bo Sontg-pa (Tropical Twista Records – 2016)

Ibu Selva – Ngo-bo Sontg-pa (Tropical Twista Records – 2016) by Tropical Twista Records Some Brazilian experimental music, this is really good!

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Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange – I Sing Praises

I Sing Praises by Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange I am usually not a fan of this kind of music but it blew my mind. Sweet sweet electronic trip hop you should really listen to.

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Waking Life – Escape (Feat. Any Colour You Like)

Escape (Feat. Any Colour You Like) by Waking Life These days I’m not a huge fan of trip hop but this one blew my mind away.

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New Jackson

New Jackson – The Night Mail

The Night Mail by New Jackson I like to find out that some music that i really like exist in bandcamp too.

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Afriquoi – Kolaba

Afriquoi: Kolaba by Wormfood Records A very nice album that combine African music with down tempo tunes.

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Various Artists – Audio Camp’s Best Of 2015

The Best of 2015 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2015″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! it was one hell of an year & out of hundreds of recommendations we’ve managed to pull out 37 eclectic gems that spread from a huge variety of genres & styles. This compilation

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Various Artists – Stratford Ct. | Lux Aestiva

Stratford Ct. | Lux Aestiva by Stratford Ct. The independent label Stratford Ct. released a compilation of 36 [!!!] tracks from artists around the world – the tracks ranges from chillwave to new-funk & synthwave – go ahead & grab it! [free download – pay-as-much-as-you-like method].

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KARATE KING 空手王 – 空手王の非常に成功した蒸気波EP

空手王の非常に成功した蒸気波EP by KARATE KING 空手王 so, you just want a taste of that 80’s corporate slowed-down & chopped-up tunes called Vaporwave? press play & get hooked right here.

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Tyler Ambrosius – Knowledge of Self

Knowledge of Self by Tyler Ambrosius Tyler Ambrosius weaves some nice intelligent beats with whirling synths & samples & the result is one hell of a dazzling musical escapade.

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Oceanvs Orientalis

Oceanvs Orientalis – Untold / Unknown

Untold / Unknown by Oceanvs Orientalis This guy sounds like the next step of the deep Balearic scene. Nico jaar and Acid Pauli lovers will appreciate.

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Senga – Sumwhere In The Atmosphere

Sumwhere In The Atmosphere by Senga Senga weaves some smooth jazz, African & fusion samples with some nice solid beats.

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