Illicit Ghost – Battle Cry (demo)

Battle Cry (demo) by Illicit Ghost this is a beautiful demo – it’s a bit dark and the singer’s voice is complex and unique.

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Sofia – Euphoria

Euphoria by Sofia Sarri This is between electronic and oriental – She seems broken and wonderful.

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Yogo Yolk -Moon Gait

Moon Gait by Yogo Yolk If you’re looking for something to work out to the sound of, this one is for. Not the cheesy kid of working out music but a great and fun way to engage your ears.

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DJ Seinfeld – Season 1 EP

Season 1 EP by DJ Seinfeld I never liked Sienfeld but i lied about it a lot. Now i dont need to lie anymore, now i like Sienfeld!

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Various Artists – Audiocamp’s Best of 2016

Audio Camp's The Best Of 2016 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2016″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! While we had a few big loses this year, we also had a great year in new music. This is a compilation of the best sounds we recommended this year. This

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Cimrya Deal – Watercolour

Watercolour by Cimrya Deal Sweet and fun pop that has a 60’s French pop vibe to it.

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Oliver Bernstein – Franko Connection

Oliver Bernstein – Franko Connection by Oliver Bernstein If you think you are smart enough, take a listen to this album

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Ibu Selva – Ngo-bo Sontg-pa (Tropical Twista Records – 2016)

Ibu Selva – Ngo-bo Sontg-pa (Tropical Twista Records – 2016) by Tropical Twista Records Some Brazilian experimental music, this is really good!

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Dankjewel- Dankjewel EP

Dankjewel EP by Dankjewel I can’t even begin to describe how good this EP is – It’s a pop delight, it’s a bit crazy and fun, at times it’s 80’s at times it’s boy band, it’s everything you really need rights now.

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Cosmo Doris – Boi Womyn Man Gyrl

Boi Womyn Man Gyrl by Cosmo Doris Some electronic chaos to get you through the weekend.

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EOD – Utrecht

Utrecht by EOD Its take about 2 minutes till you can tell for sure that this magnificent album is made from Norway.

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Kiani & His Legion – The Early Sound

The Early Sound Ep by Kiani & His Legion As it says in the bio page, the sound is simple and honest.

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