Val Cale – Black Stuff

Black Stuff by Val Cale Dark Bluesy rocky type of album. Really enjoyed that one.

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Pinkest – You Are A Camera

You Are A Camera by Pinkest Something fresh, something light and something fun – all in one

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The Trip – The Trip EP

The Trip EP by The Trip Sometimes very Rock N Roll, Sometimes a lot of Blues, but mostly something that I like listening to during my work day.

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Various Artists – Audiocamp’s Best of 2016

Audio Camp's The Best Of 2016 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2016″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! While we had a few big loses this year, we also had a great year in new music. This is a compilation of the best sounds we recommended this year. This

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The Thunderbeats – Primitive Sound

Primitive Sound by The Thunderbeats This one is fun and upbeat. great for a party or just jumping on your bed.

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Virgili & The Rivals – Contact (EP)

Contact (EP) by Virgili & The Rivals Although these guys consider themselves to be psychedelic rock, they also have a distinct Pop Folk Edward Sharpe kind of vibe which I really enjoy. Surprisingly, they aren’t from the US but from Spain!

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Couch Jackets – Sincerely, Swimtrunks

Sincerely, Swimtrunks by Couch Jackets These guys are awesome! seriously, every song gets a twist that makes it special and exciting and different.

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Jennifer – Stop Diggin’

Stop Diggin' by Jennifer A very psychedelic album that is influenced by the 60’s and 90’s British music scene. Dreams on Fire is becoming one of my favorite songs by now.

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Mhostly Ghostly – Jr.

Jr. by Mhostly Ghostly This album makes me feel optimistic and that is why I really liked it.

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Elliot P Grant – Test of Life Forms

Test of Life Forms by Elliot P Grant Only 4 months after his previous album Elliot P Grant releases a new one and it is even better – it is soft, at times sweet, at some point it ever turns dark. I can’t stop listening to it and you probably wont either.

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Flowers Bloom – Flowers Bloom EP

Flowers Bloom EP by Flowers Bloom This is a great little EP that has a nice psychedelic vibe to it.

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ארטיקרטיב – ארטיקרטיב

ארטיקרטיב by ארטיקרטיב It’s great to discover that people you know personally are creating fun and refreshing music. These guys are doing fun rock music that you just want to dance to!

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