Sundayman – Scene Missing

Scene Missing by Sundayman So I’m obsessed with the song “Alive” but I can tell you the the rest of the album is fantastic as well. Very electronic pop with a lot of great influences in it.

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Daphne and The Fuzz – Daphne and The Fuzz

Daphne and The Fuzz by Daphne and The Fuzz This is a sweet pop album – if you’re looking for a lovely afternoon music – this is it!

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The Callas – Am I Vertical?

Am I Vertical? by The Callas These guys are funky and weird. They remind me a bit of the Tune Yards. Check them out!

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Moa Bones – Spun

Spun by Moa Bones I personally can’t stop listening to this album – the singer’s voice has an early 90’s Britpop feel while the vibe is completely psychedelic 60’s. check it out.

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Arnold Fish – In The Land Of The Elephant Blues

Arnold Fish – In The Land Of The Elephant Blues by G.O.D. RECORDS (Garden Of Dreams) Sweet psychedelic album by the Greek band Arnold Fish – you can find here a lot of late sixties psychedelic pop influences [like early The Who & Pink Floyd] but with a kind of a modern sound. check it

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My Drunken Haze – My Drunken Haze

My Drunken Haze by My Drunken Haze This is a much anticipated one for me. Inner ear records brings us this wonderful psychedelic with a woman as a vocalist – very unusual and a lot of fantastic. You should really check this one out

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Λαθρεπιβάτης – Κρυμμένα Φώτα

Λαθρεπιβάτης – Κρυμμένα Φώτα by Λαθρεπιβάτης Ever listened to Greek hip-hop? This artist (or band, I don’t even know what it says in Greek, despite my best Google Translate efforts) combines hip-hop and rap with a variety of other influences, such as jazz, lo-fi and even metal, and the result is really interesting. So yeah,

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Baby Guru – Marginalia

Marginalia by Baby Guru Inner ear has done it again and brought us a great album from Baby Guru. This is the third album for the band and it has influences from synthesizers pop to psychedelic 60’s pop but they manage to keep it current and exciting.

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Plastic Flowers – Evergreen

Evergreen by Plastic Flowers I love Plastic Flowers! In the past year they have released some of my favorite tunes and this time isn’t different! This time it’s an album that reminds me of 80’s pop some early 90’s tunes. It’s light and fluffy and I can guaranty you won’t stop dancing to its sound.

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Various Artists – Bed of Pain: Rembetika 1930​-​55

It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! This Saturday we feature an awesome compilation of Rembetika classics from the 1930​-​55. Rembetika [or Rebetiko] is a Greek folk music played mostly with the bouzouki. this is truly a gem to all of you folk & vintage world-music lovers.

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The Noise Figures – The Noise Figures

The Noise Figures by The Noise Figures Innerear records went on a summer vacation and though officially came back late August, they took their time before releasing a great album. well, my wait is over – The noise figures are creating fun garage rock that just makes me wanna dance in my sit.

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Plastic Flowers – Fog Song / Silcence

Fog Song / Silence by Plastic Flowers A 2 songs EP from Greece that shows us one more time, how great the music scene is over there.

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