a strAnger – Insatiable

Insatiable by a strAnger Dirt alternative rock from sweden. This is how we like our Rocking music.

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Ronel Keren – Positive

Positive by Ronel Keren Happy Passover everyone! This one is by an Israeli artist who makes this psychedelic rock with a lot of soul.

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Illicit Ghost – Battle Cry (demo)

Battle Cry (demo) by Illicit Ghost this is a beautiful demo – it’s a bit dark and the singer’s voice is complex and unique.

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Booty Feet – Booty Feet – EP

Booty Feet – EP by Booty Feet Years ago I was at a Progressive stage and listened to anything in that field. somehow, I left of the progressive stuff In used to listen to behind. Booty feet took me to those times and reminded me why this is such a great genre.

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Ben Sumner – Music Is Religion

Music Is Religion by Ben Sumner Sweet, a lot of pop but mostly different. Some of these guys’ songs just broke my heart with their beauty.

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Various Artists – Audiocamp’s Best of 2016

Audio Camp's The Best Of 2016 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2016″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! While we had a few big loses this year, we also had a great year in new music. This is a compilation of the best sounds we recommended this year. This

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High Road Pilots – The Sea Sides

The Sea Sides by High Road Pilots These is a B-side for an album released earlier this year. this songs are so fun and great they should get an album of their own.

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Jennifer – Stop Diggin’

Stop Diggin' by Jennifer A very psychedelic album that is influenced by the 60’s and 90’s British music scene. Dreams on Fire is becoming one of my favorite songs by now.

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Casey Smith – Talk Memeory

Talk Memeory by Casey Smith Going back to school has also brought us some wonderful music – Casey Smith’s album is exactly the way to start September.

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Homo Genius – having fun with my friends online

having fun with my friends online by Homo Genius This guy just brought a bunch of his musician friends and made music with them – and it’s awesome

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Dott – Beverly Baldwin

Beverly Baldwin by Dott Three years ago I wrote about Dott’s album, Swoon. This month Dott (Anna McCarthy and Evan O’Connor) released a new EP made of the same awesome material the album was made of: garage-y guitars, great vocals and harmonies, and an atmosphere of fun and noise and sunshine and punk.

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ארטיקרטיב – ארטיקרטיב

ארטיקרטיב by ארטיקרטיב It’s great to discover that people you know personally are creating fun and refreshing music. These guys are doing fun rock music that you just want to dance to!

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