Smoky Knights – Sooner or Later

Sooner or Later by Smoky Knights A very Happy indie pop album that comes straight from LA.

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Trees Hate Everything – Tasteless Nudes

Tasteless Nudes by Trees Hate Everything This is a fantastic way to start 2017. psychedelic pop with some worldly inspirations.

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LOVING by LOVING a little bit of surf a bit of psychedelic and a bit of sadness make this album great

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Belle-Skinner – We Shut Our Eyes

We Shut Our Eyes by Belle-Skinner Sweet Sweet pop with a lot of folk influences.

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Small Culture – Small Culture EP

Small Culture EP by Small Culture Most of this EP is very happy and fun, but frankly? I fell in love with “Who We R” – it is beautiful and touches your heart. Listen to the entire EP but I must warn you – the last song might make you cry.

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High Road Pilots – The Sea Sides

The Sea Sides by High Road Pilots These is a B-side for an album released earlier this year. this songs are so fun and great they should get an album of their own.

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Couch Jackets – Sincerely, Swimtrunks

Sincerely, Swimtrunks by Couch Jackets These guys are awesome! seriously, every song gets a twist that makes it special and exciting and different.

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Benjamin Esterlis – The Blue Bay Instrumentals

The Blue Bay Instrumentals by Benjamin Esterlis Shana Tova Everyone! As it is the Jewish New Year’s day (Rosh Hashana) we decided that the best way to celebrate the holiday is by recommending some great Israeli music! This great instrumentals album comes from one of our own. If you haven’t heard the album itself do

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Jennifer – Stop Diggin’

Stop Diggin' by Jennifer A very psychedelic album that is influenced by the 60’s and 90’s British music scene. Dreams on Fire is becoming one of my favorite songs by now.

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Alright Alright – Faraway EP

Faraway EP by Alright Alright Alright Alright’s music is really theatrical but the singer’s sweet voice is what really make their music special.

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Maxx Marshall – The Sun That Sear’d

The Sun That Sear'd by Maxx Marshall A beautiful voice and a really sweet sound – what else do you need?

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Miss Mobile Home – Glimmer Down

Glimmer Down by Miss Mobile Home So glad there is a new album by Miss Mobile Home – it’s warm and mellow and unique – basically I’m in love.

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