Mister Ott (Mr Ott) – Single Shot

Single Shot by Mister Ott (Mr Ott) I’m usually not a fan of jazz, but this album has some great vibes to it. maybe it’s the psychedelic influnces but at the end of the day it’s a very solid album.

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Bastien Keb

Bastien Keb – Dinking In The Shadows of Zizou

Dinking In The Shadows of Zizou by Bastien Keb Rich in instrument but not heavy on the ears , i cant stop hearing it

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SPEKTAR – Nepoznate Boje Spektra

SPEKTAR • Nepoznate Boje Spektra by Black Pearl Records It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! An awesome reissue by the German label Black Pearl Records of the Croatian jazz, funk & fusion band SPEKTAR from the seventies – there’s a lot of obscure east European grooves here with some lush organs & synths. here’s

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Kaan Wafi

Kaan Wafi – Pieces From Exile

Pieces From Exile by Kaan Wafi 100% of proceeds of this record will be donated to Syrian NGO: White Helmets: www.whitehelmets.org

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Saxoctopus – Saxoctopus

Saxoctopus by Saxoctopus Beautiful jazz improvisation by the all-sax British group Saxoctopus.

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HANS REICHEL – Shanghaied on Tor Road

Shanghaied on Tor Road by HANS REICHEL It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! Today we feature an album from the early nineties by Hans Reichel, “a German improvisational guitarist, experimental luthier, inventor, and type designer” [WIKI] – this whole album was recorded using Daxophone, a musical instrument that was invented by Hans Reichel. a

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Quantic – Mishaps Happening

Mishaps Happening by Quantic If i will tell where did i hear this one i will bury myself under a pile of rotten jellyfish.

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Various Artists – nummer 1

nummer 1 by otherunwise A compilation of experimental improvisational pieces by various artists of the Leipzig based netlabel, Otherunwise.

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Palmeira – Palmeira

Palmeira by Palmeira It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! So, how’s about a Dutch band that plays bossanova & Brazilian music from an album recorded in the early 1980’s? yeah, i thought so! here’s some more info from the Bandcamp page: “Originally released as a private pressing in 1983, Palmeira’s only album will please

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REPO! RECLAIMED ART PEPPER by Art Pepper It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! Today we feature a great reissue of jazz album by Art Pepper from 1952: the heart of the wild bebop era. from the Bandcamp page: “REPO! THE EARLY SHOW recorded at the Surf Club in L.A. in February of 1952. Since

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Cat Toren Band – Inside The Sun

Inside The Sun by Cat Toren Band Beautiful & imaginative improvised jazz pieces by Cat Toren Band [& here i am the other day complaining that there’s not enough indie-jazz albums lately]

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Vital Organ Trio – EP

EP by Vital Organ Trio Sadly, we don’t post a lot of jazz albums here although there’s a bubbling indie-jazz scene & sometimes there’s an album that catches my ear as this very short EP [2 tracks long] by Vital Organ Trio from Chicago. there’s something here that reminds me 70’s jazz & fusion &

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