ambsace – MONEYGOD

MONEYGOD by ambsace Ambspace returns with a new single and it is beautiful. You’ll become obsessed with it a heart beat.

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DJ Seinfeld – Season 1 EP

Season 1 EP by DJ Seinfeld I never liked Sienfeld but i lied about it a lot. Now i dont need to lie anymore, now i like Sienfeld!

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Various Artists – Audiocamp’s Best of 2016

Audio Camp's The Best Of 2016 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2016″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! While we had a few big loses this year, we also had a great year in new music. This is a compilation of the best sounds we recommended this year. This

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Belle-Skinner – We Shut Our Eyes

We Shut Our Eyes by Belle-Skinner Sweet Sweet pop with a lot of folk influences.

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Benjamin Esterlis – The Blue Bay Instrumentals

The Blue Bay Instrumentals by Benjamin Esterlis Shana Tova Everyone! As it is the Jewish New Year’s day (Rosh Hashana) we decided that the best way to celebrate the holiday is by recommending some great Israeli music! This great instrumentals album comes from one of our own. If you haven’t heard the album itself do

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ambsace – AMBSACE

AMBSACE by ambsace Ambsace returns with two new albums – if you’re looking for dark pop Ariel Pink kind of vibe – this is for you.

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Comma Fera – how to leave

how to leave by Comma Fera This mini-album only has three songs on it, but they are so beautiful and touching I had to share it. Comma Fera is a 19-year-old musician from Toronto, and she makes stripped-down, lo-fi, bedroom kind of pop. She reminds me somewhat of Julien Baker, she has the same vulnerability

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Mike Krol – Turkey

Turkey by Mike Krol Mike Krol reminds me a lot of Adam Green. Both of them make music that they enjoy without thinking of the audience that will listen to it. It really sounds like he had fun making this record – I wish I was a fly on the wall to see how it

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Breweryclub – It’s The Taste That Brings You Home

It's The Taste That Brings You Home by breweryclub This release by Breweryclub is full of sweet drunken lo-fi pop & psychedelic rock tunes.

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Delia Haunt – Episode VII

Episode VII by Delia Haunt The boys from Delia Haunt released in January their first full LP – & that means more of their hazy psychedelic lo-fi rock tunes. YUMM! [free download!]

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Michael Telles – Scarlet Tanager EP

Scarlet Tanager EP by Michael Telles This is very beautiful – the music is sweet and the voices are mellow and I find them charming

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LOVE by MORNINGFACE This is sweet and broken and I can’t get enough of it.

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