Alev Lenz – Two-Headed Girl

Two-Headed Girl by Alev Lenz Alev Lenz has a type of voice that reminds me of Tori Amos. Her music has a very dramatic pop sound to it and it is full of electronic inspiration. If you have time to listen to one album this week, this album should be your choice.

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POLSKY – My Own Company

My Own Company by POLSKY This is a very cute album that has an 80’s feel to it.

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Selvy – POPS

POPS EP by Selvy Well dear Selvy let us hear only one track of this album but God what a track!

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Lordamercy – New Guitar New Mars

New Guitar New Mars by Lordamercy A down tempo that played perfect. not letting you feel silly, makes you wanna drink Campari at the beach in the sunset time.

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GUNSHIP by GUNSHIP Some albums are so good that I feel it’s a crime not sharing it with the world. So is ‘Gunship’ (by, well, Gunship). That one pushes all my buttons – synths? 80’s sound? great cover design? awesome videos? yes, yes, yes and yes. Do yourself a favour and not only listen to

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PHOTONZ – Osiris Resurrected

Osiris Resurrected W/ PALMS TRAX RMX by PHOTONZ Cant decide which track is better. Luckily i dont need to.

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Mooncreatures – Night Guides

beko_218 mooncreatures – night guides by beko Mooncreatures delivers some real solid indie-rock tunes

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Saxoctopus – Saxoctopus

Saxoctopus by Saxoctopus Beautiful jazz improvisation by the all-sax British group Saxoctopus.

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Demain – Everywhere

Everywhere EP – FPL006 by Demain My lazy mornings needs these chill-steps tunes. how i wish to connect those mornings to the evenings

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Four Tet

Four Tet – Morning​/​Evening

Morning/Evening by Four Tet Just in case that you missed it, Four tet is going back to his Indian roots but he is not looking backward at all.

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Maribou State

Maribou State – Portraits

Portraits by Maribou State This is not the future. This is the present and the present is awesome.

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Sorrow – Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics EP – FPL007 by Sorrow Its another guy that listened to Burial a lot. I think that Burial is the new Velvet Underground if you think about the influence he is giving to the new generation. Anyway, by the tracks goes by i found there is more than just another burial influence here.

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