Smoky Knights – Sooner or Later

Sooner or Later by Smoky Knights A very Happy indie pop album that comes straight from LA.

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Mr. Elevator – When The Morning Greets You

Mr. Elevator – When The Morning Greets You by RAD CAT RECORDS This is a real psychedelic gem. Mr. Elevator sounds like they really recorded their music in the 60’s but are current as hell. It’s my first favorite for this year.

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Illicit Ghost – Battle Cry (demo)

Battle Cry (demo) by Illicit Ghost this is a beautiful demo – it’s a bit dark and the singer’s voice is complex and unique.

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Miss Jupiter – Sunshine/It’s All In You + Cosmic Child

Sunshine/It's All In You + Cosmic Child by Miss Jupiter Powerful and special voice, psychedelic vibe that reminds me of Jefferson’s Airplane – what else do you need?

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Dankjewel- Dankjewel EP

Dankjewel EP by Dankjewel I can’t even begin to describe how good this EP is – It’s a pop delight, it’s a bit crazy and fun, at times it’s 80’s at times it’s boy band, it’s everything you really need rights now.

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The ABC’s – The ABC’s

The ABC's by The ABC's This one is surprisingly good! These guys make really interesting psychedelic soul music which I absolutely fell in love with.

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Mike Krol – Turkey

Turkey by Mike Krol Mike Krol reminds me a lot of Adam Green. Both of them make music that they enjoy without thinking of the audience that will listen to it. It really sounds like he had fun making this record – I wish I was a fly on the wall to see how it

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Michael Rey and The Woebegones – Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden by Michael Rey and The Woebegones Want to feel in the psychedelic era? Well, here is your chance; these guys are playing music that throws you straight to this era. I can’t stop listening to them.

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Reuben Keeney

Reuben Keeney – Futuro

Reuben Keeney – Futuro by Reuben Keeney We can find here two tracks, probably you wont remember them. But every time you will hear it on the floor you will dance like a drunken cow.

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NxWorries – Link Up & Suede

Link Up & Suede by NxWorries These are the good guys no matter what they are saying its how they sing it and produce it.

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Koushik – Out My Window

Koushik – Out My Window by Koushik Once upon a time back in the late late 90 there was three friend. Manitoba – who became later as Caribou, Kieran Hebden who was a Fridge band member and later became as Four-tet, and the third friend was Koushik. You can hear the three friends in every

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Ben Foerg – The Circles We Make

The Circles We Make by Ben Foerg I was hooked from the first second with this one – the voice of Ben Foerg is similar to the voice of Father John Misty and the music is a bit Americana and a lot of fun.

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