HEKLA s/t by HEKLA Helka is a Swedish Australian band from Germany. They create a dark a little bit doomed rock music with a sweet female vocal. If you’re looking for something interesting this is the one.

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ambsace – MONEYGOD

MONEYGOD by ambsace Ambspace returns with a new single and it is beautiful. You’ll become obsessed with it a heart beat.

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Cesar Maria – Hold Me Darling, I Know Your Pity Well

Hold Me Darling, I Know Your Pity Well by Cesar Maria This guy is awesome for giving is music at “name your price” cause it is worth spending money on. Some country, some folk, some psychedelic influence and mostly great music.

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Jacqueline Taieb – Jacqueline Taieb

Jacqueline Taieb: Her 1967 Debut Album by Jacqueline Taieb this is a real gem from the end of the 60’s. It’s a French Arabic psychedelic album and it’s wonderful.

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Pinkest – You Are A Camera

You Are A Camera by Pinkest Something fresh, something light and something fun – all in one

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Ben Sumner – Music Is Religion

Music Is Religion by Ben Sumner Sweet, a lot of pop but mostly different. Some of these guys’ songs just broke my heart with their beauty.

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Trees Hate Everything – Tasteless Nudes

Tasteless Nudes by Trees Hate Everything This is a fantastic way to start 2017. psychedelic pop with some worldly inspirations.

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Miss Jupiter – Sunshine/It’s All In You + Cosmic Child

Sunshine/It's All In You + Cosmic Child by Miss Jupiter Powerful and special voice, psychedelic vibe that reminds me of Jefferson’s Airplane – what else do you need?

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Theo Lawrence – Sticky Icky

Sticky Icky by Theo Lawrence Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Or in other words, this is so fun!

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Cimrya Deal – Watercolour

Watercolour by Cimrya Deal Sweet and fun pop that has a 60’s French pop vibe to it.

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Dankjewel- Dankjewel EP

Dankjewel EP by Dankjewel I can’t even begin to describe how good this EP is – It’s a pop delight, it’s a bit crazy and fun, at times it’s 80’s at times it’s boy band, it’s everything you really need rights now.

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LIA PAMINA – Love Is Enough

Love Is Enough by LIA PAMINA This album is inspired by 70’s French vocalists but has some Spanish influences in it. It’s sweet and it’s a great listen when you feel a little blue and need a pick me up.

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