The Calico Wall – I’m a Living Sickness 7″

I'm a Living Sickness 7" by The Calico Wall This is a gem from the 60’s – a psychedelic single originally issued in 1967 that is everyting you hoped it is.

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Ronel Keren – Positive

Positive by Ronel Keren Happy Passover everyone! This one is by an Israeli artist who makes this psychedelic rock with a lot of soul.

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Cesar Maria – Hold Me Darling, I Know Your Pity Well

Hold Me Darling, I Know Your Pity Well by Cesar Maria This guy is awesome for giving is music at “name your price” cause it is worth spending money on. Some country, some folk, some psychedelic influence and mostly great music.

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Purple Vellocet – Purple Vellocet

Purple Vellocet by Purple Vellocet A bit dark and interesting psychedelic progressive rock. A great album to open the week with.

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Baby Guru – IV

IV by Baby Guru The Awesome Baby Guru have a new album that rocks. This is a must listen & buy.

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Mr. Elevator – When The Morning Greets You

Mr. Elevator – When The Morning Greets You by RAD CAT RECORDS This is a real psychedelic gem. Mr. Elevator sounds like they really recorded their music in the 60’s but are current as hell. It’s my first favorite for this year.

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Pat Bilodeau -Fine in my Mind

Fine in my Mind by Pat Bilodeau It always amazes me that there are guys who can create everything that is needed to create a great song or an EP. Pat Bilodeau is one of those guys.

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Pierogi Party – CASE WESTERN

CASE WESTERN by Pierogi Party Even though it’s mostly instrumental it is also very unique and enchanting.

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Jacqueline Taieb – Jacqueline Taieb

Jacqueline Taieb: Her 1967 Debut Album by Jacqueline Taieb this is a real gem from the end of the 60’s. It’s a French Arabic psychedelic album and it’s wonderful.

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Yogo Yolk -Moon Gait

Moon Gait by Yogo Yolk If you’re looking for something to work out to the sound of, this one is for. Not the cheesy kid of working out music but a great and fun way to engage your ears.

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Pinkest – You Are A Camera

You Are A Camera by Pinkest Something fresh, something light and something fun – all in one

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Booty Feet – Booty Feet – EP

Booty Feet – EP by Booty Feet Years ago I was at a Progressive stage and listened to anything in that field. somehow, I left of the progressive stuff In used to listen to behind. Booty feet took me to those times and reminded me why this is such a great genre.

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