The Trip – The Trip EP

The Trip EP by The Trip Sometimes very Rock N Roll, Sometimes a lot of Blues, but mostly something that I like listening to during my work day.

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Trees Hate Everything – Tasteless Nudes

Tasteless Nudes by Trees Hate Everything This is a fantastic way to start 2017. psychedelic pop with some worldly inspirations.

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The Thunderbeats – Primitive Sound

Primitive Sound by The Thunderbeats This one is fun and upbeat. great for a party or just jumping on your bed.

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Nicholas Lane – Simulator E.P

Simulator E.P by Nicholas Lane It’s very dark in here, maybe some eastern influences? anyway, it’s unique.

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Wilbur – This is Wilbur

This is Wilbur by Wilbur I’m in love with this one – it’s different and awesome! it has a lot of the influences that I love – french pop, psychedelic and more.

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Miss Jupiter – Sunshine/It’s All In You + Cosmic Child

Sunshine/It's All In You + Cosmic Child by Miss Jupiter Powerful and special voice, psychedelic vibe that reminds me of Jefferson’s Airplane – what else do you need?

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Theo Lawrence – Sticky Icky

Sticky Icky by Theo Lawrence Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Or in other words, this is so fun!

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Mister Ott (Mr Ott) – Single Shot

Single Shot by Mister Ott (Mr Ott) I’m usually not a fan of jazz, but this album has some great vibes to it. maybe it’s the psychedelic influnces but at the end of the day it’s a very solid album.

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Cimrya Deal – Watercolour

Watercolour by Cimrya Deal Sweet and fun pop that has a 60’s French pop vibe to it.

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Dankjewel- Dankjewel EP

Dankjewel EP by Dankjewel I can’t even begin to describe how good this EP is – It’s a pop delight, it’s a bit crazy and fun, at times it’s 80’s at times it’s boy band, it’s everything you really need rights now.

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Cosmo Doris – Boi Womyn Man Gyrl

Boi Womyn Man Gyrl by Cosmo Doris Some electronic chaos to get you through the weekend.

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LOVING by LOVING a little bit of surf a bit of psychedelic and a bit of sadness make this album great

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