Old Smile – H from Two Sixteen

H from Two Sixteen by Old Smile This is a very classic psychedelic rock album that has a lot of CCR and later years Beatles influences in it.

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Sundayman – Scene Missing

Scene Missing by Sundayman So I’m obsessed with the song “Alive” but I can tell you the the rest of the album is fantastic as well. Very electronic pop with a lot of great influences in it.

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Menage a Trois/alansmithee – Menage a Trois/alansmithee

Menage a Trois/alansmithee by Menage a Trois/alansmithee A split album which first part is funky instrumental and the second part has a vibe that is darker.

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Virgili & The Rivals – Contact (EP)

Contact (EP) by Virgili & The Rivals Although these guys consider themselves to be psychedelic rock, they also have a distinct Pop Folk Edward Sharpe kind of vibe which I really enjoy. Surprisingly, they aren’t from the US but from Spain!

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Last of the Easy Riders – (Self-Titled) EP

(Self-Titled) EP by Last of the Easy Riders Last of The Easy Riders are creating psychedelic 60’s rock with a modern twist. At times they sound like CCR and sometimes they have a very nice Pete and the Pirates sound.

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Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange – I Sing Praises

I Sing Praises by Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange I am usually not a fan of this kind of music but it blew my mind. Sweet sweet electronic trip hop you should really listen to.

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Jacob Roloff – Rock And Roll Dreams

Rock And Roll Dreams by Jacob Roloff This is so very dark. and wonderful.

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Elliot P Grant – Realistic Cycles EP

Realistic Cycles EP by Elliot P Grant Elliot P Grant returns a new EP that is beautifully made. I enjoyed it so much it gave shivers when I first listened to it.

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High Road Pilots – The Sea Sides

The Sea Sides by High Road Pilots These is a B-side for an album released earlier this year. this songs are so fun and great they should get an album of their own.

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The Cream People – The Dance Of The Mysterons EP

The Dance Of The Mysterons EP by The Cream People This is psychedelic rock as it should be, and the fun part? These guys improvise everything on the spot!

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Joseph Hein – AM Gold

AM Gold by Joseph Hein This album has a lot of 50’s influences in it which makes it magical.

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Couch Jackets – Sincerely, Swimtrunks

Sincerely, Swimtrunks by Couch Jackets These guys are awesome! seriously, every song gets a twist that makes it special and exciting and different.

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