The Calico Wall – I’m a Living Sickness 7″

I'm a Living Sickness 7" by The Calico Wall This is a gem from the 60’s – a psychedelic single originally issued in 1967 that is everyting you hoped it is.

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a strAnger – Insatiable

Insatiable by a strAnger Dirt alternative rock from sweden. This is how we like our Rocking music.

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Ronel Keren – Positive

Positive by Ronel Keren Happy Passover everyone! This one is by an Israeli artist who makes this psychedelic rock with a lot of soul.

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Purple Vellocet – Purple Vellocet

Purple Vellocet by Purple Vellocet A bit dark and interesting psychedelic progressive rock. A great album to open the week with.

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Mr. Elevator – When The Morning Greets You

Mr. Elevator – When The Morning Greets You by RAD CAT RECORDS This is a real psychedelic gem. Mr. Elevator sounds like they really recorded their music in the 60’s but are current as hell. It’s my first favorite for this year.

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Val Cale – Black Stuff

Black Stuff by Val Cale Dark Bluesy rocky type of album. Really enjoyed that one.

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Pinkest – You Are A Camera

You Are A Camera by Pinkest Something fresh, something light and something fun – all in one

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The Trip – The Trip EP

The Trip EP by The Trip Sometimes very Rock N Roll, Sometimes a lot of Blues, but mostly something that I like listening to during my work day.

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Nicholas Lane – Simulator E.P

Simulator E.P by Nicholas Lane It’s very dark in here, maybe some eastern influences? anyway, it’s unique.

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Wilbur – This is Wilbur

This is Wilbur by Wilbur I’m in love with this one – it’s different and awesome! it has a lot of the influences that I love – french pop, psychedelic and more.

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Miss Jupiter – Sunshine/It’s All In You + Cosmic Child

Sunshine/It's All In You + Cosmic Child by Miss Jupiter Powerful and special voice, psychedelic vibe that reminds me of Jefferson’s Airplane – what else do you need?

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Lewi Longmire – If I Live to be 100

If I Live to be 100 by Lewi Longmire Classic Americana and a lot of country. This is so great.

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