Miss Jupiter – Sunshine/It’s All In You + Cosmic Child

Sunshine/It's All In You + Cosmic Child by Miss Jupiter Powerful and special voice, psychedelic vibe that reminds me of Jefferson’s Airplane – what else do you need?

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Theo Lawrence – Sticky Icky

Sticky Icky by Theo Lawrence Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Or in other words, this is so fun!

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LOVING by LOVING a little bit of surf a bit of psychedelic and a bit of sadness make this album great

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The Nooks – The Nooks EP

The Nooks EP by The Nooks This one has some great guitars. A lot of the times when the sound is this good the vocals aren’t so musch, this isn’t the case because the vocals are fantastic as well.

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The Aqua Barons – Southeast Stompers

Southeast Stompers (CD) by The Aqua Barons The Aqua Barons are the Greek version of The Shadows, but a bit more modern. They will be a great addition to your playlist

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Coma Serfs – Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes by Coma Serfs You may think that Coma Serfs are just another anachronistic band with a nostalgic urge to the sixties but i don’t care – they’re creating some fine wild psychedelic rock & roll!

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The Hair – our Piece Peace Force

Four Piece Peace Force by The Hair All I know about these guys is that they are from Hamburg Germany. But regardless, they are making fun fun music that I can’t stop listening to!

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Wakes – Feral Youth

Feral Youth by Wakes This home recorded album grew on me and I found my self humming the surf rock melodies. I want the summer to return and take this with me to the beach!

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The Vahnevants – Bum Out!

Bum Out! by The Vahnevants Wow, it’s been awhile since my ears encountered a surf album worth mentioning here – but hey, here it is! a wonderful gritty surf from Des Moines, Iowa [sounds as if it was released 50 years ago!]

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EL PLAYA by LOS FRENETICOS Let there be SURF! LOS FRENETICOS [from Argentina] create some pretty lustful surf tunes & if that’s not enough, this whole LP is FREE! [pay-as-much-as-you-like method]

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Talbot Adams – Green Girl b/w I Love You So

Talbot Adams – Green Girl b/w I Love You So by Talbot Adams A very cute single with 2 surf pop fun and games songs

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Red Transistor Radio – Red Transistor Radio

Red Transistor Radio by Red Transistor Radio These guys intrigued me from the first song they issued and I was glad the album lived up to the expectations bar they set up with that song. This is psychedelic with a bit of surf – what could be better?

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