a strAnger – Insatiable

Insatiable by a strAnger Dirt alternative rock from sweden. This is how we like our Rocking music.

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Black Fan

Black Fan – In The Water

Black Fan – In The Water by Local Talk The thing i love in this E.P. is that Black Fan is using all the right effects of ultra violence electro music but He produced here a very clever and soft tunes.

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Skymningslandet – Skymningslandet

Skymningslandet by zeon light The Swedish band Skymningslandet creates instrumental music that ranges from krautrock & progressive rock to blues & pop but their tunes sounds kinda out of time [although rooted deeply in 60’s psychedelia]

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Bror Gunnar Jonassan

Bror Gunnar Jansson – Moan Snake Moan

Moan Snake Moan by BROR GUNNAR JANSSON On the (very beautiful) cover of Bror Gunnar Jansson’s second album, “Moan Snake Moan”, his head is cut at the neck. This One-Man-Band Swedish artist is some sort of headless horseman, with a guitar in his hands, walking the wastelands of post-blues in the storms of the Apocalypse.

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Golden Animals

Golden Animals – Hear Eye Go

Hear Eye Go (2013) by Golden Animals This American/European duo creates a beautiful 60s-infused blues-rock sound that is so old it’s modern. ‘Hear Eye Go’ manages to capture the 60’s in an eclectic mashup of funk, psychedelic, rock and blues that makes your body shake and your blood running. A great way to keep warm

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The Don Darlings – The Don Darlings

The Don Darlings by The Don Darlings Even though these guys are from Sweden, their music is pretty much country – alt. the singer sounds like later years Johnny Cash and it’s wonderful.

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Jackie – Joy

Joy by Jackie Swedish Dream pop that has some surf and rock influences. Couldn’t stop listening to it this week.

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Old Amica – Drone and Hum

Drone and Hum by Old Amica Delicate little ambient album by the Swedish band Old Amica – here’s more info about this release from their bandcamp page: “‘Drone and Hum’ is a wordless EP dedicated to our grandmothers, to the place where we started making music together, to our idols, and to the lingering memories.”

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Edweena – Solar Days and Lunar Nights

Awesome debut album by the Swedish band Edweena – for all of you shoegazers & dream-pop lovers out there.

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Thisell – I

So, how’s about beautiful Swedish slice of Americana? Peter Thisell, a Swedish singer-songwriter weaved a small & delicate country-folk album – something to listen to on your porch while the sun sets slowly down.

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Zeit – Life is Just a Blur

Really nice shoegaze-noise-pop album from Sweden by Zeit – the only downside of this EP is that it ends too soon..

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The Orange Revival – Black Smoke Rising

i ‘ Black Smoke Rising by The Orange Revival: Well, i saw these guys live last week, and they are just good. Great guitars, great synths, great voices – that’s all i can ask for.

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