Large Pets – Demos

Demos by Large Pets These demos are absolutely beautiful! I do hope these guys will create a dull length album in the future.

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Sundayman – Scene Missing

Scene Missing by Sundayman So I’m obsessed with the song “Alive” but I can tell you the the rest of the album is fantastic as well. Very electronic pop with a lot of great influences in it.

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The New Romantics – Tell You EP

Tell You EP by The New Romantics The New Romantics seems to be a project by Brandon Biondo, and I have really enjoyed his latest EP. It is clearly very 80’s influenced, which means it’s right up my alley, and the slightly dark synthpop it presents is very well done.

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DÖRCHÆ by DÖRCHÆ DÖRCHÆ are a mysterious duo from Italy. I couldn’t even find the names of the people behind the music, but it didn’t make their album less fun. I think it’s heavily influenced by 90’s Europop – I know it doesn’t sound promising but they really manage to take everything that’s good about

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Siiamese – Sable & Bleach

Sable & Bleach by Siiamese On this album I found the most fun balance between dark, gothic darkwave and bright, fun synthpop. Siiamese, a French-American collaboration, bring out the best from both worlds and create what they call “1980’s influenced gothpop”, and man, does it sound good.

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The New Division – Eyes

Eyes by The New Division With 24K likes on Facebook, it’s hard to say The New Division goes unnoticed, but when I found out that John Glenn Kunkel (the man behind the music) is about to release a third LP, I had to go check it out. Well, the full album isn’t yet available on

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FUTURE SKIES by THE COLDER SEA German Sarah and Daniel Egger say they’re “in love with synthesizers and drum-machines”. So am I, so you can only imagine how excited I was to find this album. Anyone like me who enjoys this amazing 80’s sound should listen to this one. How can you refuse to this

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Aaron – Letters to Jonny

Letters to Jonny EP by Aaron Aaron is a young singer from London, and her debut EP is a sparkly example of 80’s influenced dreamy pop.

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CARROUSEL by SAINT-SAMUEL Sci-fi 80’s soundtrack by the Canadian synth wizard SAINT-SAMUEL!

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Mass Love – Archetype

Archetype by Mass Love I wrote about Mass Love’s first album last year, and nothing has changed – and I mean that in the best way possible. I just LOVE their new album and was thrilled to see it on Bandcamp. Here is what I wrote about them back then. It all still applies. Thank

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Popheart – Breaking EP

Breaking EP by Popheart There are only two songs in this EP, but they’re awesome and I’d love to hear a full album of such bright synthpop.

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Mirror Kisses – Keep A Secret

Keep A Secret by Mirror Kisses This EP [or maybe 3 singles?] has that kind of perfect combination between pop & weird lo-fi’sh old school feel to it – really cool vocal take on the vaporwave genre.

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