ambsace – MONEYGOD

MONEYGOD by ambsace Ambspace returns with a new single and it is beautiful. You’ll become obsessed with it a heart beat.

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ambsace – AMBSACE

AMBSACE by ambsace Ambsace returns with two new albums – if you’re looking for dark pop Ariel Pink kind of vibe – this is for you.

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Comma Fera – how to leave

how to leave by Comma Fera This mini-album only has three songs on it, but they are so beautiful and touching I had to share it. Comma Fera is a 19-year-old musician from Toronto, and she makes stripped-down, lo-fi, bedroom kind of pop. She reminds me somewhat of Julien Baker, she has the same vulnerability

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Bones EP by KASHKA Kashka is a wonderful singer songwriter. Her voice is timeless and her music is fragile and unique. I fell in love with it immediately. this EP is from 2014 but she already released 2 new singles this year and I can’t wait for what she will do next.

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Sing Leaf – Shu Ra

Shu Ra by Sing Leaf The Canadian musician David Como [AKA Sing Leaf] recorded a diverse & eclectic album & yet it has that kind of slick weird pop feel to it that just captivated my heart.

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ANTIBIOTICS EP by ANTIBLISS Quirky little lo-fi garage rock & roll gem from the Ontario based duo ANTIBLISS

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Clara Engel – rosepetal jam // home recordings

rosepetal jam // home recordings by Clara Engel This short EP by the Canadian artist Clara Engel feels like a soundtrack for sleepwalkers – it has that kind of hazy day-dream aura.

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Graham Kartna – The Adventures Of Death Boy

The Adventures Of Death Boy by Graham Kartna This whole album sounds like a broken game soundtrack – i love it!

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Pick a Piper

Pick a Piper – Pick a Piper

Pick a Piper by Pick a Piper Collaborative project by Caribou drummer Brad Weber – Say No More!

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Danielle Clark – Claimed

Claimed by Danielle Clark This is a sweet 19 years old making sweet lo fi bedroom pop which is much enjoyable.

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Ken Park – You Think About It Too Much

You Think About It Too Much by Ken Park These electro-pop tunes sure make me happy! & besides, if you’ll listen really closely you’ll find that the whole electronic playground here is really interesting [sorry Kid Z! i know you wish you were fast enough to grab this one!]

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DenMother – Four in Twenty Four

Four in Twenty Four by DenMother I am usually not a fan of music that is mostly instrumental but this one manages to be haunting and special. Moreover, this music was recorded over a 24 hours session which is crazy amazing!

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