Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange – I Sing Praises

I Sing Praises by Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange I am usually not a fan of this kind of music but it blew my mind. Sweet sweet electronic trip hop you should really listen to.

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Waking Life – Escape (Feat. Any Colour You Like)

Escape (Feat. Any Colour You Like) by Waking Life These days I’m not a huge fan of trip hop but this one blew my mind away.

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Somewhere – Somewhere

SOMEWHERE by Somewhere The Israeli duo Somewhere [Ido Berger – music & lyrics, Ilil Lev- Kenaan – vocals] creates an airy, moody & beautiful trip-hop & pop songs.

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Dalberg – Substandard

Substandard by Dalberg Dalberg [Mike Holuj] delivers some solid & imaginative electronic tracks which ranges from chill to trip-hop & even pop.

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Fono – Fono One

Fono One by Fono Coming from Bristol with this history of trip hop, Fono is combining here the trip hop into the beats music using live instruments.

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Dat García – Ermitaño Interior

Ermitaño Interior by Dat García This Chilean artist was introduced to me by a Facebook friend from Chile two weeks ago, and it I was immediately hooked on its trip hop basses and I love the way a song starts and ends completely different. Beautiful album.

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Various Artists – Tummy Re​-​Touch

Tummy Re-Touch by Various Artists This compilation was released originally in 1997 and features rare and unreleased remixes and edits from the first years of Tummy Touch Records (and a smattering of Peace Feast) – this is really a great old-school 90’s electronic compilation [Free Download!]

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Blasted 700 – The Last Cosmic Band

The Last Cosmic Band by Blasted 700 Beautifully popish dreamy little adventure into electronica, beats & space.

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Don D – Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith by Don D This instrumental hip-hop album by Don D reminds me some of the fine electronic trip-hop tunes i used to love in the nineties.

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Stef T – S P A C E S

S P A C E S by Stef T Stef T is a jazz school graduate, and she in her (too) short and lovely EP she puts together slow paced, beautiful electronic pop with trip-hop influences.

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DOPRAH by Doprah Fun happy pop all the way fron New Zealand.

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Loupo – Transitions

Transitions by Loupo Slick & hazy downtempo grooves that surly will cool down a little the summer heat.

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