Astari Nite – Until the End of the Moon

Until the End of the Moon by Astari Nite It’s the second time Astari Nite are featured here and for a damn good reason, this album is easily addictive and although darker than what I usually listen to, it is just plainly excellent.

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LET US PREY – The Saint of Killers

The Saint of Killers by LET US PREY I recently got into a serious metal phase, as if I’m still an angsty 16-year-old. Anyway, I found an amazing world of many bands and even more sub-genres, so naturally I started browsing through Bandcamp for new and exciting metal bands. One of them is Let Us

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Elliot P Grant – am songs

am songs by Elliot P Grant This one is just so beautiful, I fell in love with it the minute i started listening to the album. I’m usually not the person to fall for instrumental albums but this one just got me hooked!

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Sean-Clive – All Your Bad is Feeling

All Your Bad is Feeling by Sean-Clive One of my favorites this year so far, can’t stop listening to it. I’m really hoping to hear more from this guy in the future.

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Ed Ackerson – Ed Ackerson

Ed Ackerson by Ed Ackerson Sweet Sweet Folk music.

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Ocote Soul Sounds – Taurus

Taurus by Ocote Soul Sounds I don’t think I ever heard something like this – it’s a mix between psychedelic and Central American music. This is the kind of music that is timeless – it could have come out 40 years ago or yesterday and it would still be awesome.

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Kali – Re: Done

Re: Done by Kali Ra I’m surprised by how good this album is. I literally know nothing about these guys but they should really continue doing this great music.

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Breweryclub – It’s The Taste That Brings You Home

It's The Taste That Brings You Home by breweryclub This release by Breweryclub is full of sweet drunken lo-fi pop & psychedelic rock tunes.

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Delia Haunt – Episode VII

Episode VII by Delia Haunt The boys from Delia Haunt released in January their first full LP – & that means more of their hazy psychedelic lo-fi rock tunes. YUMM! [free download!]

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Michael Nau – Mowing

Mowing by Michael Nau Michael Nau [from the fabulous Cotton Jones] released a new album a couple of months ago & these sweet psychedelic folk tunes suits just fine these fresh days of spring.

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Michael Telles – Scarlet Tanager EP

Scarlet Tanager EP by Michael Telles This is very beautiful – the music is sweet and the voices are mellow and I find them charming

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C-Level – At the Library

At the Library by C-Level Each song sounds like they are something completely different. It might seem confusing but once you’ll listen to this album it will make perfect sense

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