LOVE by MORNINGFACE This is sweet and broken and I can’t get enough of it.

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Seth Beck – What We’re Forced To Learn

What We're Forced To Learn by Seth Beck I thought this one will be a very simple country recorde, but boy I was wrong.

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Handsome Hound – I Guess We’re Doing Alright

I Guess We're Doing Alright by Handsome Hound These guys reminds me a little bit of Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros – in the most fun and happy way there can be. Oh and check out their cool cover of Jackson.

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Distant Creatures – Demo

Demo by Distant Creatures I Don’t tend to say ths easily, but so far, this is one of my favorites this year

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Benny Koziol – Carousel !

Carousel ! by Benny Koziol Sweet and dreamy pop music. I had fun listening to that one

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The Sonic Mood Set – Father’s Name is Dad

Father's Name is Dad (single) by The Sonic Mood Set A great single to wake up to in the morning

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Forest Fires – Wanderlust EP

Wanderlust EP by Forest Fires This pretty EP by Tanner Waite, the man behind Forest Fires, is a little folk gem. All the songs on it are very pretty, calm and soft. I can imagine listening to them in any kind of weather – in the beginning of spring, when it’s bright and breezy outside,

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Sacagawea and The Hunters – When The Feeling’s Gone – Single

When the Feeling's Gone – Single by Sacagawea and The Hunters I don’t know how I missed this one! Sacagawea and The Hunters has a new single and it is wonderful!

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Iacon – 聯邦 F e d e r a t i o n

聯邦 F e d e r a t i o n by Iacon As you probably guessed I am not the type for electronic music, but every now and again I find something that makes me excited – this album is the first thing that got my excited in the year 2016. It is a

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Siiamese – Sable & Bleach

Sable & Bleach by Siiamese On this album I found the most fun balance between dark, gothic darkwave and bright, fun synthpop. Siiamese, a French-American collaboration, bring out the best from both worlds and create what they call “1980’s influenced gothpop”, and man, does it sound good.

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Sleeping Loops – Blunder Days

Sleeping Loops – Blunder Days by Sleeping Loops Dreamy & somewhat melancholic album by the Long Beach based artist Sleeping Loops – perfect soundtrack for a cold winter’s day.

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Chayce Halley – Bloom House

Bloom House by Chayce Halley Dreamy little gem from Tampa, Florida. if you’re lucky & it’s snowing right now – this album should be the perfect companion.

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