Various Artists – Audio Camp’s Best Of 2015

The Best of 2015 by Various Artists Our “Best of 2015″ compilation is here to kick your ears & embrace your heart! it was one hell of an year & out of hundreds of recommendations we’ve managed to pull out 37 eclectic gems that spread from a huge variety of genres & styles. This compilation

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Various Artists – Step Pepper Turns 5 Sampler

Step Pepper Turns 5 Sampler by Various Artists Step Pepper Records from Alabama turns FIVE [yay!] & we’re benefiting this awesome compilation of the label’s artists. [free download!]

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Various Artists – La Souterraine Vol.8

Vol.8 by La Souterraine My heart is in Paris right now ❤

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Various Artists – Stratford Ct. | Lux Aestiva

Stratford Ct. | Lux Aestiva by Stratford Ct. The independent label Stratford Ct. released a compilation of 36 [!!!] tracks from artists around the world – the tracks ranges from chillwave to new-funk & synthwave – go ahead & grab it! [free download – pay-as-much-as-you-like method].

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Various Artists – olgp sampler 2015

olgp sampler 2015 by oligopolist records The experimental collective label Oligopolist Records from Portland, Oregon, just released a great compilation of new & soon-to-be-released tracks by their artists, the music ranges from instrumental hip-hop to experimental electronica. check it out!

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Various Artists – Anti​-​Mimesis

Anti-Mimesis by Various Artists Experimental electronic compilation by the Berliner label Das Andere Selbst – not all the tracks are even to my taste but they are challenging & you can find some beautiful & imaginative tracks here. check it out!

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Various Artists – Graves Diggers

Graves Diggers by Various I love Curly Cassettes. I love their compilations. Just press PLAY ♥

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Various Artists – Ecstatic & Wingless: Bird​-​Imitation on Four Continents, ca. 1910​-​40

Ecstatic & Wingless: Bird-Imitation on Four Continents, ca. 1910-40 by Canary Records It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! Oh my, today we feature one of the weirdest albums we’ve ever recommended & yet, for my opinion, it is a classic must-have: a recorded archive of bird impressions [by humans, of course] from the early

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Various Artists – IN PROGRESS

IN PROGRESS by Various Artists This compilation features eight artists from the underground & alternative music scene in the holy city of Jerusalem – as it says in the Bandcamp page:”The songs were recorded solo with an attempt to touch and refine a deep openness which exists only when played alone in a room.” [FREE

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Various Artists – Grabs Dick: A Tribute To Crabstick

Grabs Dick: A Tribute To Crabstick by Various 4 track tribute compilation by various artists to the Australian band Crabstick – here’s some more info from the bandcamp page: “CRABSTICK was a remarkably influential band as anyone who were lucky enough to stumble across them in the early 90s will testify to. Sincerely life changing

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Various Artists – Down Santic Way

Down Santic Way by Various Artists It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings! I love old-school dub & reggae & this compilation of classic Jamaican dub masters [Augustus Pablo, King Tubby & more] with special emphasis to Leonard Santic productions [big thumbs up to Pressure Sounds].

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Various Artists – Let’s Get Awkward: the sounds of off step sincerity

Let’s Get Awkward: the sounds of off step sincerity by Swoody Records Nice compilation of various artists by Swoody Records – lot’s of lo-fi & garage tunes here & yet every track holds it’s own charm [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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