Various Artists – Mag All Stars (Mambo Descarga Guaracha Cumbias 50’s y 60’s) Vol 1

It’s Saturday & time for our weird-saturday-bandcamp-findings!

Wow, today we feature an awesome reissue of Peruvian mambo & cumbia tunes recorded originally in the 50’s, 60’s & early 70’s – this compilation will probably hit the sweet spot to all of you easy listening lovers out there – here’s some more info taken from the Bandcamp page:
“This album is an incredible selection of latin tropical music from Peru’s back in the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Amazing sonora’s and orquesta’s like the famous Sonora de Lucho Macedo, Sonora Ferreyra, Carlos Pickling y su organo and the one and only Melcochita.

Some of the best peruvian latin singers: Benny Del Solar, Melcochita y Karamanduka, Tito Chicoma y Orqueta, Carlos Pickling y orquesta, Betico Salas y orquesta among others..

This is Volumen 1, from an amazing 3 CD’s colecction. take a look on the other titles.

Recorded at MAG Studios between late 1950’s to early 1970’s

This reissue is the first one done using the original master tapes, and is under license from MAG Records. All remastered audio.”


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