Various Artists – The Best of 2014 \\ Vol. II

Our “Best of 2014″ trilogy compilations are here to kick your ears & embrace your hearts!

it was really hard to decide what tracks to feature in this compilation out of hundreds of albums we’ve recommended during 2014 – but we are so proud by the result, it manage to capture some of the best songs we’ve heard during this year: from folk to lo-fi, pop to indietronica, hip-hop to avant-garde, experimental to dream-pop – it’s the sound of HERE & NOW from all over the world by artists & bands you probably don’t know & we would really like to fix that.

The second compilation features tracks by A Gap Between, Faint Hearts, Boma, Motorbikes, Delia Haunt, Chemists // 化学者, Gorgeous Bully, Creature Double Feature, Emily Hope Jacobsen, Fireflies, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Mini Dresses, Orlok, Joon Jay, Loumar, Myk., AudioTreats, SELA.


Compiled by Audio Camp bloggers:
Morphlexis, Aconomika, Kid Z & Khalil

Special thanks to all of the artists who agreed so kindly to take part in this compilation – we really dig your music ❤

don’t forget to check out The Best of 2014 Vol.I | Vol. III

Happy holidays folks!

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