Various Artists – The Best of 2014 \\ Vol. III

Our “Best of 2014″ trilogy compilations are here to kick your ears & embrace your hearts!

it was really hard to decide what tracks to feature in this compilation out of hundreds of albums we’ve recommended during 2014 – but we are so proud by the result, it manage to capture some of the best songs we’ve heard during this year: from folk to lo-fi, pop to indietronica, hip-hop to avant-garde, experimental to dream-pop – it’s the sound of HERE & NOW from all over the world by artists & bands you probably don’t know & we would really like to fix that.

The third & final compilation features tracks by Pecas, Miss Mobile Home, Nueva Costa, Tayga Tayga, Magic Island, Spaceface, The Wellington, Savage Sister, She Talks, Sgt. Penarlaster, Stef T, SNOWDROP, Pixel Pony, Secret Attraction, The Spookfish, Los Puchos, Jay Holy, Tara King th. & Halasan Bazar, Old Smile, Astronaut Husband.


Compiled by Audio Camp bloggers:
Morphlexis, Aconomika, Kid Z & Khalil

Special thanks to all of the artists who agreed so kindly to take part in this compilation – we really dig your music ❤

don’t forget to check out The Best of 2014 Vol.I | Vol. II

\\ we’re gonna take a small vacation but don’t worry – Audiocamp will be back in 2015!

Happy holidays folks!

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